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Certified measurements
of the electromagnetic field

Testing Laboratory

Testing Laboratory MOBILAB

The MOBILab Laboratory is an integral part of the Zemat Technology Group. It specializes in measuring electromagnetic fields in the work environment.

As a mobile unit lab – we also perform measurements at the customer’s site where the devices and machines are installed. Our experience is derived from 20+ years of constant practice at the Zemat Technology Group, which is a leading design and manufacturing company producing the most advanced High Frequency (Radio Frequency) welding and sealing machines.

The testing laboratory is accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation in the field of testing the intensity of electromagnetic fields in the work environment. Accreditation number AB 1423. The laboratory meets the requirements of PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02.

ilac MRA
pomiary pola elektromagnetycznego

Electromagnetic field measurements
in the workplace environment

Exposure to high electromagnetic fields has become a concern due to potential health effects and interference issues with sensitive analytical and research equipment. In fact, employers are obliged to undertake activities aimed at identifying, assessing and controlling electromagnetic hazards in the workplace. Such measurement should be performed at each modification and installation of the machine in the new place or under new conditions.

Get a clear view of electromagnetic fields in your production environment. Measure electromagnetic field strength in line with current standards of the work environment and detect its source.Receive precise advice on technology and workplace safety improvement.

We offer cost-effective technology-based solutions to problems regarding electric and magnetic fields (EMF):

Measurements of electric field strength under the PCA accreditation

Safety zone measurements for machine operators

Technology and workplace safety improvement consulting
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Certified measurements of the electromagnetic field
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