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Electromagnetic field
- strength and measurements

The electromagnetic field is one of the physical factors of the environment, in today’s highly industrialized world there are many artificial sources of electromagnetic radiation.

The use of electricity in all areas of human activity is accompanied by the dissipation of electromagnetic energy around electrical devices and installations. The following physical quantities are mainly used to characterize it in the workspace:

Electric field strength, marked with the symbol E and expressed in volts per meter (V / m)

Magnetic field strength, denoted by the symbol H and expressed in amperes per meter (A / m)

The frequency of the variation of the electromagnetic field over time, denoted by the symbol f and expressed in hertz (Hz)

The electromagnetic field is classified as non-ionizing radiation. The direct impact of the electromagnetic field on the body is usually not felt with the human senses. In the body of a human being in an electromagnetic field, the following are created: induced magnetic field and electric field, as well as induced electric currents related to them.

MOBILAB Laboratory

A particularly important issue is the measurement of local strengths of the electromagnetic field located in the place of work, generated by dielectric welders.

The MOBILAB laboratory accredited by PCA, which is part of Zemat Technology Group Ltd., specializes in measuring the strength of the electromagnetic field from dielectric welders. The laboratory provides measurements of the electric field in the frequency range from 100 kHz to 3 GHz and the magnetic field in the frequency range from 300 kHz to 1 GHz. 

The scope of the measuring laboratory’s capabilities also includes precise delineation of the protection zones marked on the test report for machine operators. All measurements are carried out at the place where the devices are installed. Combined with the engineering team’s experience—it provides a comprehensive service in terms of measuring the strength of the electromagnetic for health and safety purposes in the work environment. It is worth paying attention to the fact that measuring the intensity of the electromagnetic field is the responsibility of every employer who employs workers who deal with the operation of machines emitting electromagnetic fields daily.

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